"Macbeth" - Streaming Audio Drama - Psych Drama Company - REVIEW

(Cover Photo: Wendy Lippe, Ph.D. Director of "Macbeth" a new audio drama presented by the Psych Drama Company)

"Macbeth" - a compelling streaming audio drama - Psych Drama Company 

By Kevin T. Baldwin

METRMAG Reviewer

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“Macbeth” Creative and Production Team Includes: Wendy Lippe, Ph.D. Director, Adaptation of Shakespearean Text; Larry Segel Assistant Director, Text Editor; Zarko Dragojevic Musical Composer & Soundscape; Zachary McConnell Audio Designer, Director of Audiovisual Marketing; Doug Greene Recording Engineer; Gail Chesler Production Assistant, Text Editor; Adam Elliott Rush Director of Digital Communications; Michael Mazzone Director of Social Media; Nick Morse ArtLifting artist for exhibition during Macbeth intermission.

Tickets are now on sale via OnTheStage.com, and profits from these ticket sales will go directly into the pockets of all artists involved in these productions. Any questions, call 617-275-9167.



 The Psych Drama Company unveils a marvelously layered and detailed production of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” in its new audio drama presentation. 

In association with the Audiovisual Center Dubrovnik, Psych Drama presents a reimagined audio drama adaptation of Macbeth, with original music and soundscape composed by Zarko Dragojevik, a musician and composer for the Marin Drzic Theater in Dubrovnik, Croatia. 

The blended results are compelling as one listens to the finished product. 

While losing the visual, the strength in Shakespeare’s plays has never really been inexorably linked to the visual and the Psych Drama presentation proves that quite admirably. 

The audio drama never strays from the show’s main theme where chaos ensues when ambition goes unbridled by basic human morality. 

The story of "Macbeth", as narrated efficiently by Zachary D. McConnell (who also portrays the characters of Malcolm and Duncan), concerns a daring Scottish general Macbeth (Mark Prokes), who sacrifices his own morality for power and advancement. 

Urged on by his ambitious wife, aptly named Lady Macbeth (Wendy Lippe), Macbeth murders his way toward that country’s throne only to meet his own impending doom. 

Lippe also was responsible to the adaptation of the Shakespearean text for this production and deserves high praise. 

As is the case in most Shakespearean recitals, there is poetic language that flows conversationally, which is executed quite impressively by the performers. Strong elocution and annunciation permeate the presentation and infuses the characters with added psychological complexity as, by losing the visual, one must decipher intent and reactions based solely on the word of the Bard and the actors throughout. 

Other performances worthy of note was the trio of Bryan Sabbag, Lindsay McAuliffe and Michael Mazzone as the Witches, Michael Blunt as Macbeth's brave and noble best friend, Banquo, and Brian Dion as the play’s avenging hero MacDuff. 

The show is ideal for any classroom use where Shakespeare is being explored or for one’s own enjoyment and personal Shakespearean exploration. Either way it is a do not miss.

Individual tickets are $30.00 and Family tickets are $40.00. 

For additional information, please contact, Wendy Lippe Ph.D. at +1 617-275-9167 or by email at pr@psychdramaco.com or psychdramacompany@gmail.com 

The show is approximately 90 minutes with one intermission.

Kevin T. Baldwin is a member of the American Theatre Critics Association (ATCA)




Macbeth is a 90 minute, immersive fully reimagined audio drama adaptation. It is a 3D audio experience using full-spectrum binaural panning to bring the story to life around the listener. It is best enjoyed with headphones. Because of the international collaboration involved in the creation of this audio drama, the music and soundscape is globally and multi-culturally inspired. It celebrates the timelessness of diversity in its creation and its performance.

In addition to the feature presentation, there will be a streaming art exhibit during intermission.


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