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METRMag® (pronounced "meetermag") is a professional web-based magazine for Massachusetts theatrical and entertainment reviews.

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To provide fair and balanced online reviews of performances taking place in Massachusetts. These reviews may be shared online via social media or printed as needed.

There are NO fees involved for any basic listing of an UPCOMING SHOW or a REVIEW.

Featured stories, awards event coverage and theatrical reviews will ALWAYS be free.  

Currently we do NOT list/review radio plays, play festivals, workshops nor any student productions.

FEATURED STORIES and REVIEWS will remain on the METRMag site until such time as they may be required to be archived. 

Once any UPCOMING SHOW has passed its final performance date, the listing will be removed.

If you have a production coming up, please send your information and we will be happy to list your show for FREE under “UPCOMING SHOWS”. Send to Reviews@Metrmag.com 

Our primary goal is to have reviews posted in a timely fashion, usually within 24 to 48 hours, depending on the level of activity taking place. Some listings may take longer to post. So, please do allow for this extra time.

Graded reviews are provided. These are subjective but, generally, METRMag uses a "four-star scale" with four stars (****) being best.

  • If you wish to submit photos, please make sure proper attribution is provided.
  • If any errors are spotted, please make sure to contact us immediately for a correction.
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A major difference between METRMag® and other standard print publications is that we try to cover one weekend performances which tend to be overlooked due to time/print restrictions.

However, if you do have an event that is only one weekend and yet still want a review, METRMag will be happy to see if we can schedule in a review.

Contributions in lieu of any stipend may be requested for any specialized event coverage but we never will charge for a show's listing or review. Contact us directly for details and to schedule.

We are not restricted by service area, as with most print publications. So, if you are seeking a review for an event that is within an accessible distance for us to travel, we will certainly make the attempt to get there. Contact us directly to schedule.

METRMag® Staff:

METRMag’s publisher and primary reviewer is Kevin T. Baldwin, member of the American Theatre Critics Association (ATCA) and the International Association of Theatre Critics (IATC-AICT). @Theatre_Critics

Since 2007 Kevin has been correspondent for Worcester Telegram & Gazette, the Record, Auburn Times Magazine and Community Newspapers. Since 2011 he has been a major contributor of theatre reviews for the Worcester Telegram & Gazette.

Kevin has over 35 years of theatre experience as writer, actor, producer and director.

From 2005 to 2008 he served as adjunct theatre professor at Anna Maria College in Paxton, MA. and has directed shows at Clark University, Bentley College and WPI. 

For 20 years he ran the theatre company “K & K Productions, Inc.” in Worcester, MA. 

For 12 years he directed the middle school musicals at West Boylston Middle High School. He has directed shows all over Massachusetts.

Also a published playwright, Kevin's extensive catalog of plays is available at either www.millboroughstories.com or at 

Contact Kevin at Reviews@METRMag.com
Twitter: @Metrmagreviews
Facebook: METRMag