10 Jan
"The Burning Fiery Furnace" - by Benjamin Britten - Enigma Chamber Opera at St. Paul's Cathedral (Boston, MA.)

Enigma Chamber Opera

Presents Benjamin Britten's


Libretto by William Plomer

Directed by Kirsten Z. Cairns

Cast Includes: Matthew DiBattista as "Nebuchadnezzar," Aaron Engebreth as "The Astrologer" and the "Abbot," David McFerrin as "Ananias," Jesse Darden as "Misael," Daniel Fridley as "Azarias," Paul Soper as "The Herald." Chorus Members: Nathan Halbur, Fausto Miro and Luke Scott. Students from St. Paul’s Choir School also perform.


February 16 & 17, 2024 at 7:00pm

The Cathedral Church of St. Paul, 138 Tremont Street, Boston, MA. 02111


Based on an Old Testament biblical story and directed by Boston and Scotland-based Artistic Director Kirsten Z. Cairns, "THE BURNING FIERY FURNACE" tells of three Israelites exiled to Babylon who are upheld as intellectuals by ruler Nebuchadnezzar, but undermined by an ideological astrologer who predicts death for anyone not worshiping a Golden Idol.

The Israelites refuse to change their religious beliefs and are condemned into the furnace. 

They survive unscathed, are hailed as prophets, and change the fates of both Nebuchadnezzar and the astrologer.

Cairns’ humanistic approach deftly brings biblical stories into the secular world, recasting the all-male characters not as holy men but as a social brotherhood who act out stories for the communal good.

This is ENIGMA CHAMBER OPERA'S third and final production of Britten's three 1960s "church parable" operas. The first two (“Curlew River” and “The Prodigal Son”) were critically acclaimed and seen on several critic's "best of the year" lists. Both are currently available to stream. 

"THE BURNING FIERY FURNACE" will be available to stream online after its run ends.  


Launched in 2019, ENIGMA CHAMBER OPERA staged its first production, Benjamin Britten’s "The Turn of the Screw" to sell out audiences in 2020. 

ENIGMA CHAMBER OPERA is a small, flexible company made up of a core group of artists (designers, conductors, singers, director), all of whom are experienced and already very well established in the opera business. The skill and expertise of the group means that ENIGMA CHAMBER OPERA is able to bring together the highest quality of production in a short space of time – just eleven days of rehearsal on average for productions – thus keeping down costs. 

ENIGMA CHAMBER OPERA is based in Boston, Massachusetts.