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METRMAG Spotlight On: Todd Sharman of "Stayin' Alive" a BEE GEES Tribute show coming to the Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts (Worcester, MA.)

(Cover Photo: TODD SHARMAN performs as BEE GEE Robin Gibb in the tribute show "STAYIN' ALIVE" coming for one night only to the Hanover Theatre in Worcester, MA. on January 19, 2024. Photo Courtesy stayinalivetribute.com)

By Kevin T. Baldwin

METRMAG Reviewer

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METRMAG Spotlight On: Todd Sharman coming to the Hanover Theatre as "Robin Gibb" in the BEE GEES Tribute "STAYIN' ALIVE"

The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts

Presents the BEE GEES Tribute


One Night Only!

All your favorite BEE GEES songs, one groovy night.


January 19, 2024 at 7:30pm

Presented at the HANOVER THEATRE FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS, 2 Southbridge St., Worcester. 

Tickets are $24.50, $37.50, $49.50 and $64.50 depending on seat location. 

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METRMAG Spotlight On: Todd Sharman coming to the Hanover Theatre as "Robin Gibb" in the BEE GEES Tribute "STAYIN' ALIVE"

The Hanover Theatre will be bringing the sound of the BEE GEES to Worcester with the tribute band "STAYIN' ALIVE" on January 19th, and METRMag chats with TODD SHARMAN, who represents the voice of Robin Gibb who took the lead on many of the group’s songs. 

SHARMAN works side by side with Tony Mattina, who assumes the task of representing Sir Barry Gibb on both lead and backing vocals, while also playing guitar; and Joseph Janisse, who rounds out the trio of brothers representing Maurice Gibb on backing vocals and keyboard. 

Not only with incredible songs, "STAYIN' ALIVE" brings back many BEE GEES memories as part of their full retrospective, which includes iconic hits such as “Night Fever,” “Jive Talkin’,” “How Deep Is Your Love,” “You Should Be Dancing,” “Nights on Broadway” and, of course, the actual song "STAYIN' ALIVE." 

The world lost two of the BEE GEES' bandmates when twin brothers Robin and Maurice Gibb passed away nearly a decade apart from one another. Maurice passed away in 2003 while Robin passed in 2012

Those of “a certain age” may also recall younger brother Andy Gibb who, while not a member of the BEE GEES, occasionally performed with them on stage and whose multitude of solo hits (“Shadow Dancing” and “I Just Want To Be Your Everything”) came as a result, in no small part, of his brothers’ involvement. (Note: Andy’s solo efforts are not part of the "STAYIN' ALIVE" tribute) 

Sir Barry Alan Crompton Gibb is still actively performing and was recently honored as a Kennedy Center Honoree for his musical impact on American culture and for being a "pop music pioneer." 

Barry not only wrote and performed many BEE GEES' hits, he produced a multitude of hits for other artists including Barbra Streisand (“Guilty”), Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton (“Islands in the Stream”), and fellow Kennedy Center Honoree Dionne Warwick (“Heartbreaker”). 

The BEE GEES were also a critical component to the success of possibly the greatest musical soundtrack of all time, contributing four # 1 hits singles to the 16x Platinum- selling “Saturday Night Fever” album for the 1977 film starring John Travolta

"STAYIN' ALIVE" captures the excitement of the BEE GEES' musical catalog in a live performance as they perform other classics such as “I Started a Joke,” “Massachusetts,” “Fanny Be Tender,” “Words” and more. 

"STAYIN' ALIVE" is the largest and most definitive production of its kind, offering big screen video clips, photos and dazzling imagery. 

"STAYIN' ALIVE" has played intimate settings as a six piece band and huge venues with a 62 piece orchestra. 

According to SHARMAN'S biography, he has worked in the Toronto music scene for many years, fronting many tribute acts from Tom Petty to The Tragically Hip as well as numerous original bands. Mattina (“Barry”) and Janisse (“Maurice”) are also accomplished musicians.   

SHARMAN recollects how he got together with the other musicians in "STAYIN' ALIVE."  

Tony (Mattina) and I got together in 2001 and it was through a mutual friend who was doing other tribute shows and he suggested we do one,” SHARMAN recalls. “Joseph (Janisse) joined in 2011 but we had known each other in the musical community in Canada. I knew he was a great musician and a great singer and he’s been with us ever since.” 

SHARMAN describes their earliest rehearsals as they were trying to recreate the BEE GEES' sound. 

“We tried it out and it sounded really good and we all decided that we’ve got something really good here,” SHARMAN says. “Tony, especially, really nails the ‘Barry Gibb’ stuff very well, which is important. And we’ve all just been having fun ever since.” 

According to SHARMAN, when he tells people he performs in a “BEE GEES' tribute band” the general reaction from people is not only positive but enthusiastic. 

“Yeah, it is, actually,” SHARMAN points out. “When I tell people, their eyes just light up. Coming from a background that was primarily rock, it was a different direction for me, as a musician, but I embrace it.” 

However, there was a time, primarily during the latter part of the 70’s “disco era” when simply acknowledging an admiration for the brilliance of the Brothers Gibb music might have signaled a dead end for an aspiring musician, as SHARMAN explains. 

“For me, back in the 70s, they (the BEE GEES) got a really bad rap,” SHARMAN says. “But things have changed since then, which is a testament to their music. Not at all surprising to me that people still love the music.” 

(Photo: The BEE GEES tribute show "STAYIN' ALIVE" comes for one night only to the Hanover Theatre in Worcester, MA. on January 19, 2024. Photo Courtesy stayinalivetribute.com)

According to the act’s website, www.stayinalivetribute.com, the "STAYIN' ALIVE" 2024 tour schedule seems to be packed through at least until October

Yet, do any of the band find time to pursue other interests or is this pretty much a full time job now? 

“Oh, we find time to do other things,” SHARMAN points out. “In the summer we might pump the breaks a little bit and perform a little closer to home and do other projects we might be involved in.” 

Of the three members of "STAYIN' ALIVE," is there one who is either the biggest fan of or the expert of the BEE GEES' music? 

“Tony is probably the biggest expert,” SHARMAN admits adding, “He’s the only guy who I think might have actually danced in front of his fridge to disco music.” 

Besides it being a steady gig, SHARMAN describes that moment when the members felt they had found that perfect balance and blend of voices to represent the BEE GEES' sound. 

“It has been an ongoing process but, once Joseph joined and with a few years singing, we really started to gain momentum over the last five or six years,” SHARMAN says. “We are always trying to do different things to help us grow and evolve.” 

As mentioned, Barry Gibb is the sole surviving member of the brothers and was just recently honored at the Kennedy Center

Yet, as performers themselves representing the music of this iconic band, SHARMAN speaks to the ongoing relevance and influence of the BEE GEES' music in 2024

“It's funny, because you can still hear their tunes used in modern music,” SHARMAN explains. “You’ll hear a certain groove or maybe a riff or two - it comes up in movies all the time.” 

SHARMAN also describes how the BEE GEES “were more innovative than people give them credit for.” 

“Listening to their music, there are tape loops and creative grooves and feels which artists still use today,” SHARMAN says. “Other groups and artists, they might cop the same groove, which I think is great.” 

Speaking of Sir Barry Gibb, he has been very fervent in his “protectiveness” of the BEE GEES' catalog, describing his songs as their “children.” Has there ever been any reaction by him personally of this act or of BEE GEES tribute acts in general? 

“I’ve never heard anything, and certainly nothing negative,” SHARMAN responds, stating, “And I’ve been in touch with other BEE GEES tribute acts and they have said the same thing.” 

“My guess is that he (Barry) might feel that it (the tribute acts) helps keep their catalog alive and allows fans to enjoy their music. Barry also still tours and is still a great singer.” 

With a catalog as vast as the one for the BEE GEES, does "STAYIN' ALIVE" change things up from show to show or is the set list pretty much locked? 

“We try to stay as mainstream as we can, but we do stick in some ‘B sides’ and some deep cuts on occasion,” SHARMAN says. However, it must seem like an impossible task to choose what to put in and what to leave out. 

Are there some songs SHARMAN would LIKE to include at some point? 

“Well, we’ve always talk about adding ‘Love So Right’ because it would be a great song to do but, musically, it is so reminiscent of ‘Fanny’ which we already perform. This would mean we would have to strike the song ‘Fanny’ which that wouldn’t be great because it is such a crowd pleaser. A few others that we have in our back pocket are songs like ‘Run to Me’ but you have to be careful with how many ballads you put into the act because, while those songs might be great songs, just how many slow songs should you be putting in?”

In 1984, Robin Gibb, with his unique vocal style, had a Top-40 hit, "Boys Do Fall In Love." 

After Robin's passing in 2012, The Who's Roger Daltrey said of Robin, "A lovely, lovely guy. I hear everyone talking about the success of their career but I haven't heard many talk about him as a singer and I used to think he was one of the best." 

Daltrey went on to say, "To me, singing is about moving people and Robin's voice had something about it that could move me and, I'm sure, millions of others. It was almost like his heart was on the outside."  

What is SHARMAN'S favorite part of personifying Robin Gibb and does he have his own personal favorite Robin-led BEE GEES' song? 

“My personal favorite song to sing is ‘Gotta Get a Message to You’ representing Robin and another great one is 'I Started a Joke.'" 

Finally, what does SHARMAN hope most folks will come away with after the experience of seeing "STAYIN' ALIVE" at the Hanover Theatre

“I hope they walk away thinking I felt like I just SAW the BEE GEES live…and can’t wait to see it again.”

Approximately two hours

Kevin T. Baldwin is a member of the American Theatre Critics Association (ATCA) 




Don’t miss the world’s #1 BEE GEES tribute.

"STAYIN' ALIVE" offers to their audiences the songs and sights of a full BEE GEES playlist, singing blockbusters such as “Night Fever,” “Jive Talkin’,” “How Deep Is Your Love,” “You Should Be Dancing,” “Nights on Broadway” and “Stayin’ Alive.” 

In addition, they perform softer poetic ballads such as “I Started a Joke,” “Massachusetts,” “Fanny Be Tender,” “Words” and “To Love Somebody” among other great hits.

"STAYIN' ALIVE" is the largest and most definitive production of its kind, offering big screen video clips, photos and dazzling imagery.

"STAYIN' ALIVE" has played intimate settings as a six piece band and huge venues with a 62 piece orchestra. 

"STAYIN' ALIVE" is the quintessential tribute band to the BEE GEES, capturing the excitement of live performance and the tender subtleties of the human voice! 

All your favorite BEE GEES songs, one groovy night.

Tickets are $24.50, $37.50, $49.50 and $64.50 depending on seat location. 

Discounts are available for Broadway subscribers. 

Please contact the box office at 877-571-SHOW (7469) for more information.


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