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METRMAG Spotlight On: Noa Harris aka "Amy March" in "Little Women: The Broadway Musical" coming to the Hanover Theatre (Worcester, MA.)

(Cover Photo: NOA HARRIS (on the couch right) seated with the CAST of  "LITTLE WOMEN: THE BROADWAY MUSICAL" coming to the Hanover Theatre in Worcester, MA. beginning March 22, 2024. Photo Courtesy tour website)

By Kevin T. Baldwin

METRMAG Reviewer

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METRMAG Spotlight On: Noa Harris aka “Amy March” in "LITTLE WOMEN: THE BROADWAY MUSICAL" coming to the Hanover Theatre

The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts

Presents the 'Astonishing'


Book by Allan Knee

Music by Jason Howland

Lyrics by Mindi Dickstein 

An adaptation of the book by Louisa May Alcott

Directed by Jeffrey B. Moss

Music Supervisor - Thomas Fosnocht 

Choreography by Diane Laurenson 

Executive Producer Daniel Sher

Cast Includes: Mychal Leverage as “Professor Bhaer,” Hannah Taylor as “Jo March,” Noa Harris as “Amy March,” Rachel Pantazis as “Meg March,” Camryn Hamm as “Beth March,” Aaron Bower as “Marmee March,” Chris Carsten as “Mr. Laurence,” Aathaven Tharmarajah as “Laurie Laurence,” Moriel Behar as “Aunt March/Mrs. Kirkas,” Aaron Robinson as “Mr. John Brooke,” In The Operatic Tragedies Emily Kate Decker as “Clarissa,” Tristan Caldwell as “Braxton,” Elijah Pearson-Martinez as “Rodrigo,” Sami Kennett as “Hag”(NOTE: Information obtained from tour website subject to change) 

Additional Creative Team:

Set Design - Randel Wright; Lighting Design - Charlie Morrison;  Co-Sound Design - Anthony Lopez & Chase Nichter; Wig Design - Matthew Armentrout; Costume Coordinator - Janine Loesch; Casting Director - Alison Franck, C.S.A.; Technical Supervisor - Paul Gould; Company Manager - Emma Miller; Stage Supervisor - Kevin Hansen; Production Supervisor - B.J. Forman; Associate Director - Diane Laurenson; Associate Lighting Designer - Jason Flamos; Associate Sound Designer - Jonah Verdon; Associate Sound Designer - Samantha Palumbo; Technical Consultant - James Book; Video Consultant - Jonathan Infante; Keyboard Programmer - Jim Harp; Assistant Company Manager and Assistant Stage Manager - Riley Gibson; Assistant Company Manager - Brynn Grambow; Assistant to the Choreographer - Bob Richard; Head Carpenter - Rodney Mann; Assistant Carpenter/Flyman - Matthew Lamers; Head Electrician - Kamryn Neffle; Assistant Electrician/Spot Op - Desmond Williams; Head Sound - Jonah Verdon; Assistant Sound - Meg Schelling; Head Props - Kevin Hansen; Assistant Props - David Thoms; Head Wardrobe/Wigs - Tsung-Ju Clark Yang; Costume Shop Manager - Liv Kurtz; Production Assistant - Andrew Winans; Tech Pianist - Jake Collins; Marketing Intern - Owen Parker; Fight Captain - Tristan Caldwell; Dance Captain - Emily Kate Decker (NOTE: Information obtained from tour website subject to change)  


March 22, 2024 through March 24, 2024  

(Contact Box Office for Exact Times)

Presented at the Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts, 2 Southbridge St., Worcester. 


For Tickets and more information call # 877-571-SHOW (7469) or email info@thehanovertheatre.org



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(Photo: NOA HARRIS appears as "Amy" in "LITTLE WOMEN: THE BROADWAY MUSICAL" coming to the Hanover Theatre in Worcester, MA. beginning March 22, 2024. Headshot Courtesy tour website)

METRMAG Spotlight On: Noa Harris aka “Amy March” in "LITTLE WOMEN: THE BROADWAY MUSICAL" coming to the Hanover Theatre

The Hanover Theatre brings "LITTLE WOMEN: THE BROADWAY MUSICAL" to Worcester this weekend and it just might prove to be “The Most Amazing Thing.   

Since Alcott’s "LITTLE WOMEN" was first published back in the late 1860s (specifically 1868 & 69) there have been a plethora of plays and musicals adapted from her timeless story of the four “March Sisters” living in Civil War era Concord, Massachusetts.   

This rousingly entertaining musical adaptation of "LITTLE WOMEN," which includes a book crafted by Allan Knee, had far too brief a run on Broadway back in 2005.

It has since been staged multiple times to many delighted audiences all over the world. The musical also features a truly memorable score by Jason Howland and Mindi Dickstein

NOA HARRIS plays the most immature of the “March Sisters” - "Amy."   

HARRIS confesses to being thrilled to be making her national tour debut and chatted with METRMag about the experience.   

HARRIS was in college working toward a BFA in Musical Theatre at the University of Miami when the opportunity for the tour presented itself.

"LITTLE WOMEN" tells the story of four sisters — Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy — living in mid-19th century Massachusetts with their beloved mother, Marmee, while their father fights for the Union Army in the American Civil War

The girls befriend Laurie Laurence, who develops an unrequited love for Jo. The show takes place over several years of their life as they grow into young women.

HARRIS, who was cast as troublemaking sister Amy, began the audition process for "LITTLE WOMEN: THE BROADWAY MUSICAL" with a self-taped video submission. 

The 2024 tour is executive produced by Daniel Sher, directed by Jeffrey B. Moss with choreography by Diane Laurenson.

While admitting to being nervous about the casting experience, the latest “Amy March” on the 2024 tour declares how “that fear was definitely overpowered by pride.” 

“I just felt proud that I was going to be able to be in 'LITTLE WOMEN,'" HARRIS says. 

HARRIS, originally from suburbs of Chicago, has also performed in “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” as “Marcy Park,” “Godspell” as “Lindsay” and in “[Title of Show]” as “Heidi.” 

Yet these are just a few of the roles HARRIS has played since she was a child. 

“I was always performing in my house because my family, not professionally, but we are a very musical family and have a great appreciation for musical theatre,” HARRIS says. “The first performance I gave for strangers was when I was in an acting program for kids, and we did a musical version of ‘The Jungle Book’ when I was five years old.” 

“I was so excited to be in any sort of production because, at that point, I was always obsessed with musical theatre in my house. I was so excited to be in ANY sort of musical production. After that experience, I was asked by my mother if I was interested in doing this more and I was like…well, it wasn’t even a question.”

HARRIS says she is grateful for the unconditional love and support of her friends and family. 

“With theatre, I feel very grateful because in a sense been the only thing I’ve ever known in terms of my passion and what I want to do,” HARRIS says. “I have other interests, as well, but they were always surrounding the arts. Even before I considered acting as a profession, I knew I wanted to do it. In high school, I began to learn more about what would be involved if I learned to do it as a career.” 

NOA HARRIS describes an overpowering passion and excitement to "go to school for what I love and eventually to do it professionally.”

“My parents have always been supportive of me and my sister, who also is an actress. She is a senior in high school. She is more interested in film and TV acting. So, that is what she is focusing on, but acting both stuck with both of us. Our parents always were supportive.” 

HARRIS considers this acting experience as pivotal – but also part of an ongoing journey to improve at this chosen craft. 

“I think that each, maybe not every single role, but so many roles are like ‘stepping stones’ and you realize different things about yourself with each one,” HARRIS explains. “This role of ‘Amy' in this tour is pivotal, because it is my first time being in a national tour. It is also a huge life shift since I went from being a college student to being in the professional theatre world.” 

(Photo: NOA HARRIS (seated on the couch right) with the CAST of  "LITTLE WOMEN: THE BROADWAY MUSICAL" coming to the Hanover Theatre in Worcester, MA. beginning March 22, 2024. Photo Courtesy tour website)

Alcott’s very name, and her stories, are virtually synonymous with the town of her resting place, Concord (where, at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Alcott "keeps good company" with the likes of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Daniel Chester French and Nathaniel Hawthorne) - while the stories themselves have come to have a far more widespread or universal appeal. 

Like the characters in her stories, Alcott challenged preconceived societal notions about the roles of women, rejecting many prevailing social norms and, through her stories and her life's teachings, she imparted that forward-thinking wisdom upon young female readers. Alcott’s life and scripted legacy still imparts that wisdom. 

How does NOA HARRIS view the 'March' family dynamic? 

“It is important to recognize the book is its own entity as is the musical or any other adaptation. However, they all go from the same story but have different nuances among them,” HARRIS says. “Especially with this beloved story, the dynamic of the family is of a group held together by love.”     

The childish Amy, played by HARRIS, is so jealous of sister Jo and the opportunities Jo is being offered, she lashes out at her older sister which causes a rift - no, a chasm - between the two.  

“I think it’s easy for people to see Amy as a villain or brat, because she definitely does some questionable things,” HARRIS says. “But audiences have to remember she’s also just a kid during a lot of those moments.” 

HARRIS says it is important to look at each of the sisters as “representing a sort of different aspect of girlhood and that is represented each of them aren’t so separated." 

"They are ‘mixed’ as the types of girls they are. You see them at times when these girls are in conflict, when they clash or butt heads as would happen in any sibling relationship,” HARRIS says. “But, at the core of it, there is love and this love comes from wanting to be seen and loved back by your own family.” 

HARRIS continues examining how there is a “wanting to impress the family and caring in how they view you.” 

“The sisters and Marmee represent a dynamic that is real and, while not perfect, it is imperfect in a beautiful way.” 

Before seeing the script or being cast as “Amy,” had HARRIS ever read the story before, or seen the musical? 

“Yes. It was such an interesting thing,” HARRIS recalls. “I had read the book in middle school. When I was 13, I was in a non-professional theatre troupe playing ‘Amy’ at the time. I loved the musical. To play the same character now, years later, is interesting because I now have a more ‘nuanced’ view on all the characters but, in particular, ‘Amy.’ My love for it has held up. It really is a testament to how universal the story is.” 

One of HARRIS's favorite musical numbers to perform is “Five Forever,” (shown below) in which the March sisters essentially declare neighbor Laurie Laurence as their "honorary March brother." 

(Photo: NOA HARRIS (far left) dances along with the CAST of  "LITTLE WOMEN: THE BROADWAY MUSICAL" coming to the Hanover Theatre in Worcester, MA. beginning March 22, 2024. Photo Courtesy tour website)

NOA HARRIS describes the casting process.

“I hadn’t really been auditioning professionally as I was still focused on getting my degree. So, I wasn’t prioritizing this, at all,” HARRIS explains. “But, I had heard about the open casting call and it started with an email and I submitted my resume.” 

This was followed by a submitted video audition. 

“They asked me to audition with material from the show. I never thought anything would come of it. But they reached out to have me attend callbacks in New York,” HARRIS recalls. “I met up with my mom who came into New York from Chicago.” 

For the next week, the pair remained in New York during the call back process. 

“I had no idea how long I was going to be there,” as HARRIS remembers. “I thought I was going to be heading back to Miami at any time. But they kept inviting me back and inviting me back - which was exciting but also all very surreal. I was so grateful my mother was able to be there with me for support.” 

When HARRIS finally returned to school in Miami, a week or two later she was busy in rehearsal for a school production and says she was not checking her phone.   

“When I got out of rehearsal, there were a million missed calls from my mom and agent, HARRIS said. “My mom told me I got the part. It was a sweet moment for sure.” 

There might be some "Alcott purists" who will relentlessly find fault in the "alternate universe" created in this adaptation by Knee, Howland and Dickstein - noting various omissions and adjustments required from the source material to make the musical better suited the stage. 

However, those changes were done in order to make "LITTLE WOMEN" a solid musical while assuring it was in keeping with the original spirit of the Alcott story, if not all the plot elements.

(Photo: NOA HARRIS (left) as "Amy" with Aathaven Tharmarajah as “Laurie Laurence” in a scene from  "LITTLE WOMEN: THE BROADWAY MUSICAL" coming to the Hanover Theatre in Worcester, MA. beginning March 22, 2024. Photo Courtesy tour website)

NOA HARRIS describes working with the touring cast and creative team. 

"This has been just a wonderful experience,” HARRIS says. “Going into those first rehearsals, I had both excitement and fear. Any first rehearsal is anxiety driven, especially for this being my first major tour and being surrounded by professionals who were far more experienced than me.” 

“But, soon, I was taken back by just how welcoming and kind these people have been. More importantly, this group is hard working, passionate and accepting of one another. This is a very nonjudgmental rehearsal space and a welcoming environment to work in.”

HARRIS says she couldn’t be more appreciative of the professional dynamic. 

“We spend so much time together on stage, backstage, traveling together. We really do spend all of our time together. I couldn’t be more grateful for this group of people.” 

As the tour makes its way into Worcester, what are HARRIS's hopes for those who come to see "LITTLE WOMEN: THE BROADWAY MUSICAL" at the Hanover Theatre

“I hope that for those who already know and love the story from the book or film or musical adaptation, I hope they walk away with a new perspective on the story and maybe a rejuvenated, refreshed love for it.” 

“For those who don’t know it at all, I hope they discover the beauty of the story. People might take away bits and pieces from it, but the story serves as a reminder of relationships we as humans have, especially those relationships of family.”

"LITTLE WOMEN: THE BROADWAY MUSICAL" will play at the Hanover Theatre in Worcester, MA. from March 22nd through March 24th, 2024. For Tickets and more information call # 877-571-SHOW (7469) or email info@thehanovertheatre.org


Approximately two hours, 30 minutes with one intermission

Kevin T. Baldwin is a member of the American Theatre Critics Association (ATCA) 




Based on Louisa May Alcott’s life, "LITTLE WOMEN: THE BROADWAY MUSICAL" follows the adventures of sisters, Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy March. 

Jo is trying to sell her stories for publication, but the publishers are not interested. 

Her friend, Professor Bhaer, tells her that she has to do better and write more from herself. 

Begrudgingly taking this advice, Jo weaves the story of herself and her sisters and their experience growing up in Civil War America.

"LITTLE WOMEN: THE BROADWAY MUSICAL" embodies the complete theatrical experience, guaranteeing a night filled with laughter, tears and a lifting of the spirit. 

The powerful score soars with the sounds of personal discovery, heartache and hope – the sounds of a young America finding its voice.  

Please contact the box office at 877-571-SHOW (7469) for more information.


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