12 Mar
"Gruesome Playground Injuries" - by Rajiv Joseph - Yorick Ensemble (Waltham, MA.)

Yorick Ensemble 

Presents Rajiv Joseph’s


Written by Rajiv Joseph 

Directed by Michael Jay

Stage Management by Paige DeGirolamo

Violence/Intimacy Direction by Sydney T. Grant

Cast Includes: Josh Telepman as "Doug" and Kimberly Blaise as "Kayleen"  


March 21, 2024 through March 30, 2024 

(Contact Box Office for Exact Times)

Performances to be held at Abbott Memorial Theatre, home to Hovey Players, 9 Spring Street, Waltham, MA. 02451


Contact YORICK ENSEMBLE at https://www.yorickensemble.com/tickets


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After an acclaimed second run of their production of "THE TRAIL TO OREGON," local theatre company, YORICK ENSEMBLE takes the stage again in their upcoming production of Rajiv Joseph’s "GRUESOME PLAYGROUND INJURIES."

This is not your typical love story.

Doug (Josh Telepman) and Kayleen (Kimberly Blaise) meet at the nurse’s office in their elementary school; she’s got a painful stomachache, and he’s all banged up from a running dive off the roof of the school. 

Over the next 30 years, these scar-crossed lovers meet again and again, brought together by injury, heartbreak, and their own self-destructive tendencies.

With great compassion and humor, playwright Rajiv Joseph (Broadway’s "Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo") crafts a compelling and unconventional love story about the intimacy between two people when they allow their defenses to drop and their wounds to show. 

“This play has haunted me for years - it's the type of intimate, thought-provoking storytelling that I'm always searching for, and am so excited to share with our local theatre community,” says YORICK ENSEMBLE Founder Josh Telepman

Content Warning: This play contains discussions of death, sexual abuse, and violence, including self-harm, strong language including abelist slurs, as well as onstage depictions of blood, vomit, and smoking!


YORICK ENSEMBLE is an independent theatre company with a focus on building community through intimate productions. YORICK ENSEMBLE believes that great theatre comes not from big budgets, but from great people. As such, the focus is to produce works outside the realm of what one might find at a typical community theatre. YORICK ENSEMBLE seeks to make creative, engaging, and surprising work that will enrich actors and audiences alike. YORICK ENSEMBLE seeks to break the mold of tradition YORICK ENSEMBLE promotes, produces, and provides platforms for early-career artists while reimagining established works, nurturing new artists and the next generation of audience members. YORICK ENSEMBLE is an independent fringe theater company focused on building community through intimate productions.