18 Oct
After 40 Seasons, New Rep Theatre Shuts Down (Watertown, MA.)

New Repertory Theatre


Press Release:

After 40 seasons, over 300 productions, and a smash 2023 season, New Repertory Theatre's Board of Directors has determined that it is not possible to sustain the organization going forward. 

Audiences and critics have responded enthusiastically to New Rep's relaunch, but fundraising with major donors has fallen short of the theater’s goals for a sustainable path. 

The Board has therefore initiated the process of formally dissolving the organization. 

It expects to have no assets at the conclusion of this process. 

New Rep takes great satisfaction in its history and in particular the 2023 season, however it is subject to the same converging realities that have impacted so many theater companies throughout the country: post- pandemic economics, changes in the philanthropic landscape, challenges with the business model of regional theaters, and other factors beyond its control, along with the ending of emergency Federal support for the performing arts. 

“We are so proud of the artistic excellence of our 2023 productions, the casts, design teams and staff, the rave reviews and strong ticket sales, and the fact that the theater is going out on the highest possible note,” said Board Chair Chris Jones. “Our artistic team has embodied the essence of New Rep’s Renewal Vision with excellence, professionalism, quality and spirit.” 

Board Vice Chair Danielle Galligan expressed gratitude to the Greater Boston community that embraced New Rep's vision and supported New Rep in attendance and financially over the years. 

“We are saddened by this outcome, yet grateful for the long run of this wonderful theater.” 

As one of the Greater Boston area’s premiere mid-sized regional theater companies, New Rep has been an artistic haven for writers, performers, and audiences. 

For 40 years it has entertained theatergoers, premiered new work as well as classics, and provided educational access for children to the experience of live theater. 

Said Resident Artists Lois Roach, Maria Hendricks and Michael Hisamoto “It is that fitting we close New Rep's long and storied history with plays that encompass the battles we have fought throughout history and the hopes we have for a more beautiful future. And we reflect with pride on all the community work & cultural expansion we have impacted in Watertown and beyond that will resound in years to come. We celebrate all the artists involved in the history of New Rep and know that New Rep lives on through the people that have made the company what it is and was.” 

After a nine-month suspension of productions during the pandemic, New Rep recommitted itself to a Renewal Vision of inclusion and diversity and a collaborative process centered on new work, new voices, and creative programming. 

Since re-opening, productions have included new works in the Pipeline Project, musical events, and collaborative community performances and events with local organizations including the Watertown library and public schools, as well as a world premiere and sold-out Tony award-winning shows. 

“On behalf of the entire Board and organization, I express our deepest gratitude to our patrons and donors, to the artists whose work we have been privileged to share with this community, and to an amazing staff that consistently made it all happen,” Jones added. 

More information on New Repertory Theatre at www.newrep.org

Kevin T. Baldwin is a member of the American Theatre Critics Association (ATCA)




New Repertory Theatre (NRT) aims to be regionally focused, driven by diverse interests and stories drawn from the communities surrounding us. We will prioritize a collaborative process centered on new work, new voices, and creative programming in order to produce memorable, evocative performing arts experiences. NRT looks to broaden the theatre scene in greater Boston by giving voice and interpretation to stories and artists whose perspectives are often underrepresented, but whose experiences are relevant for everyone. We want to reimagine how this theatre company can best serve the community that includes both artists and the audience. New Rep remains committed to staging productions and events that speak to the vital ideas of our time. Inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility, and accountability (IDEAA) will infuse every aspect of our work as we build community collaborations and give voice to the diverse interests of those communities. .

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