"Lord of the Flies" - William Golding, Nigel Williams - City on a Hill Arts (Ashby, MA.) - AUDITIONS

City on a Hill Arts

Will Hold AUDITIONS for 

William Golding's


Play Adaptation by Nigel Williams

Based on the novel by William Golding

Directed by David Allen Prescott

Audition Dates:

August 24, 2024 and August 26, 2024 at 6:30pm

New Dawn Arts Center, 84 Main Street, Ashburnham, MA.



REHEARSALS: Starting in September, Mondays & Wednesdays at 6:30PM and Saturdays at 10 AM.

HOW TO SIGN UP UP: To schedule your appointment, please fill out the FORM.

CITY ON A HILL ARTS is seeking a diverse cast of younger performers. 

All characters will be portrayed as teenage boys, but performers of all gender identities ages 13-25 are encouraged to audition. 

CITY ON A HILL encourages performers of any race, gender, identity, and ability to audition. 

English accents are required, but we are happy to provide helpful resources.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script, as well as a brief movement audition, as we will feature dance in moments throughout the play. 

Dancers of all ability levels are encouraged to audition.


RALPH: An English boy who is elected leader of the group of boys marooned on the island. Ralph is the athletic, charismatic protagonist of Lord of the Flies. Playing age: 14-16.

JACK: The antagonist, one of the older boys stranded on the island. Jack becomes the leader of the hunters but longs for total power and becomes increasingly wild, barbaric, and cruel as the show progresses. Playing age: 14-16.

PIGGY: Ralph’s “lieutenant.” A whiny, intellectual boy, Piggy’s inventiveness frequently leads to innovation, such as the makeshift sundial that the boys use to tell time. Piggy represents the scientific, rational side of civilisation. Piggy will be
played by a Plus Size performer. Playing age: 14-16.

ROGER: Jack’s “lieutenant.” A sadistic, cruel older boy who brutalizes the littluns and eventually murders Piggy. Playing age: 14-16.

SIMON: A shy, sensitive boy in the group. Simon, in some ways the only naturally “good” character on the island, behaves kindly toward the younger boys and is willing to work for the good of their community. Playing age: 13-16.

SAM & ERIC: A pair of twins closely allied with Ralph. Sam and Eric are always together, and the other boys often treat them as a single entity, calling them “Samneric.” Playing age: 12-15.

PERCEVAL: A ‘littlun’ who often is picked on by the other littluns. Playing age: 8-11.

BILL: A ‘bigun’ who becomes one of Jack's key supporters, accompanying him on the raids on Ralph's camp. Playing age: 14-16.

HENRY: The biggest of the ‘littlun’s. Playing age: 13-15.

MAURICE: A member of Jack’s choir and of his “savage” tribe. Playing age: 14-16.


This production will tour to local high schools the week of November 11-15. This will include up to 4 tour dates with daytime performances. Please be prepared to miss school/work for up to four dates based on school and cast availability.


November 8, 2024 through November 16, 2024

(Contact Box Office for Exact Times)

New Dawn Arts Center, 84 Main Street, Ashburnham, MA.




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A dramatization, suitable for schools and amateur dramatic groups, of William Golding's bestselling novel adapted by Nigel Williams. First professionally produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company at Stratford-upon-Avon in 1995

A group of boys is stranded when their plane crashes on an island. 

At first, the island seems a perfect escape from dreary England: a tropical paradise with no rules, no supervision and all the time in the world. 

However, something savage lives there – a “beast” that lurks in the shadows of the forest.


CITY ON A HILL (COH) is a community-focused, multidisciplinary ministry for the development and production of artistic expressions that foster consideration of and critical engagement with our culture, the arts and matters of faith. COH was established to promote the development of God-given talent, to engage culture through creative means, and to foster deeply spiritual responses, all the while bringing honor to God through artistic perspectives.


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