"The Mad Ones" - By Kait Kerrigan and Bree Lowdermilk - Studio Theatre Worcester (Worcester, MA.)

Studio Theatre Worcester  

Will Hold Auditions 



Studio Theatre Worcester is excited to announce their production of "THE MAD ONES" (formerly known as "The Unauthorized Autobiography of Samantha Brown").

Written by Kait Kerrigan and Bree Lowdermilk

Directed by Lydia Cochran 

Music Direction by Kris Layton. 

Performance Dates:

June 15 through June 25, 2023 

(Contact Box Office for Exact Times) 

Cole Porter Black Box Theatre, Worcester Academy Performance Center, 14 Marion Avenue, Worcester, MA. 01604




Mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved...

18-year-old Samantha Brown sits in a hand-me-down car with the keys clutched in her hand. 

Caught between a yearning for the unknown and feeling bound by expectation, she telescopes back to a time before her world had fallen apart. 

As she relives her senior year, we meet Sam’s well-intentioned helicopter mother Bev and her high school sweetheart of a boyfriend Adam, but it’s her painfully alive best friend Kelly that haunts her. 

Kelly was everything Sam is not – impetuous and daring. 

She pushed Sam to break rules and do the unexpected. 

When Kelly is killed in a car wreck, Sam loses not only her best friend but also the part of herself that was learning to be brave. 

Now, Sam has to make a decision: 

Will she follow her mother’s dreams for her, or will she summon the courage to drive away from her friends and family into a future she can’t imagine?



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