"The Lady Vanishes" by Derek Webb - Calliope Productions - CANCELLED!

(Cover Photo: Elizabeth Jacoby, Karen Josbacher and Victoria Powell 

in "The Lady Vanishes'" premiering at Calliope Productions. 

Photo Credit: Scott Lyerly)

Calliope Productions


The Lady Vanishes

A Comedy/Thriller by Derek Webb, based on the Alfred Hitchcock film of the same title

An American Premiere Production

Calliope Productions, 150 Main Street, Boylston, MA. 01505. Performances: REMAINING PERFORMANCES CANCELLED! Tickets $20 per adult, $17 students or seniors.


Iris Carr, a wealthy young socialite returning by train from a holiday in Eastern Europe, is in a compartment with a honeymoon couple, an austere Baroness, a formidable-looking doctor, and a kindly older British woman named Miss Froy - with whom she quickly forms a friendly acquaintance. 

After briefly falling asleep, Iris awakens to discover that her new-found friend is no longer there. 

When Iris questions her fellow travelers as to Miss Froy’s whereabouts, much to her shock they all deny having that the woman had ever been there.

Iris then embarks on a fruitless search for Miss Froy that leads to Iris doubting her own sanity, until – with the help of Max and the professor – she manages to unravel the truth behind the mystery of the lady’s disappearance and rescue her friend from the most dire of consequences before the train arrives at its final destination.

Elizabeth Jacoby, Gary Swanson, Janice Spada and Cindy Graber
in "The Lady Vanishes" at Calliope Productions.
Photo Credit: Scott Lyerly.

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Iris Carr: Elizabeth Jacoby
Miss Froy: Victoria Powell
Max Hare: Chris Uminski
Mr. Todhunter: Ed Moynihan
Mrs. Todhunter: Kerry Harrington
Miss Evelyn Flood-Porter: Laurie-Ann Millard
Miss Rose Flood-Porter: Sabrina Hildreth
Rev. Kenneth Barnes: Doug Beller
Mrs. Barnes: Karen Josbacher
Baroness: Janice Spada
The Doctor: Gary Swanson
The Professor: Al Dano
Nun: Cindy Graber
Frau Kumar: Cindy Graber
Waiter: Matt Cory
Border Guard: Matt Cory