"The Anonymous Lover - A Co-Production with Boston Lyric Opera and Opera Philadelphia (Boston, MA.)

Boston Lyric Opera




Music by Joseph Bologne

Chevalier de Saint-Georges

Libretto by Desfontaines-Lavallée

A co-production with Boston Lyric Opera and Opera Philadelphia.  

Stage Director Dennis Whitehead Darling

 Conducted by David Angus 

Cast Includes: Nardus Williams as “Léontine”; Omar Najmi as “Valcour”

“THE ANONYMOUS LOVER” plays three performances at The Huntington Theatre. 

Note: Sung in French with English dialogue and surtitles 


February 16, 2024 through February 18, 2024

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Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges is having a moment. 

The new biographical film Chevalier tells the story of this musically and romantically prolific composer whose opera “THE ANONYMOUS LOVER” debuted in 1780. 

Based on an 18th century French play, the opera and its source material has set the stage for secret-epistolary love stories in plays, Broadway musicals, Hollywood films, and other mediums.   

Recent attention on Bologne’s life story, and the enduring appeal of his opera’s charming romance has brought “THE ANONYMOUS LOVER” back into repertoires across the country. 

The story revolves around the wealthy young widow Léontine who is being pushed to remarry, and rejects offers from unsuitable suitors until she becomes intrigued by letters from a secret admirer. 

“Joseph Bologne was a competent, serious composer and a big star in his time,” says BLO Music Director David Angus. “While somewhat better known for his concertos, Bologne wrote five or six operas…only one of which survives. Bologne certainly knew of W.A. Mozart, and is often compared with him. But he actually worked with Joseph Haydn, negotiating the commission of Haydn’s Paris Symphonies, a collection of works that Bologne also edited and conducted in their premiere. 'THE ANONYMOUS LOVER' is an accessible, very charming story with beautiful arias.”  

With a libretto by François-Georges Fouques Deshayes, Desfontaines,“THE ANONYMOUS LOVER”  is a co-production with Opera Philadelphia – sung in French with English dialogue and surtitles. 

Casting for “THE ANONYMOUS LOVER” includes Nardus Williams as Léontine and BLO Jane & Steven Akin Emerging Artist alumnus Omar Najmi as Valcor. 

Dennis Whitehead Darling is Stage Director; David Angus conducts


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