"Princess Ida" - by Gilbert and Sullivan - Sudbury Savoyards (Sudbury, MA.)

The Sudbury Savoyards 

Presents Gilbert and Sullivan's


Written by W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan

Stage Direction by Rebecca Graber

Music Direction by Stephanie Beatrice 

Produced by Kai Fay and Laurel Martin

Cast Includes: Maria Bozich & Sydney Pérez as “Princess Ida,” Matt Tragert as “King Hildebrand,” Michael Gonzalez as “Hilarion,” Brad Amidon as “King Gama,” David Smyth as “Florian,” Thai Johnson as “Cyril,” Sara DeLong as “Lady Blanche,” Danielle Shevchenko as “Lady Psyche,” Sara Mitnik as “Melissa,” Blair Eig as “Arac,” Matt Garber as “Guron,” Santo Mammone as “Scynthius,” Eliza Howells as “Sacharissa,” Kai Fay as “Chloe,” Mei Lin Po as “Ada.” 

With: Lucy Auger, Briana Bensenouci, Brendon Chetwynd, Kirsten Chetwynd, Graham Daley, Dianne DeChellis, Jennifer Dohm, Meryl Eisenstein, Deborah Gaz, Randy Glidden, José González, Lourdes González, Kim Kapner, Larry Millner, Aire Nifong, Karen Powers, Martin Reiss, Mary Jo Reiss, Susan Robinson, and Marla Zucker

Additional Creative Team:

Stage Manager - Nadine Sa; Assistant Stage Manager - Bill Fisher; Set Designer - Laurel Martin; Makeup Designer - Elizabeth Stone; Assistant Stage Director - Briana Bensenouci; Costume Designers - Sue Flint and Donna Roessler; Lighting Designer - Lowell Gilbert; Sound Designer - Bill Lopoulos; Publicity Strategist - Sara DeLong; Scenic Painter - Dave O'Gara; Technical Director - Laurel Martin

Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School,  390 Lincoln Rd, Sudbury, MA 01776 


February 12, 2024 through March 2, 2024

(Contact Box Office for Exact Times)


$15 - $27




What happens when "PRINCESS IDA" rejects her arranged marriage, eschews men, and builds a women's college instead? 

Find out in this witty Gilbert & Sullivan operetta that satirizes gender stereotypes, social norms, and the ivory tower. 

Join Prince Hilarion and his friends as they enroll in Castle Adamant in an attempt to win PRINCESS IDA'S heart. 

After all, anyone who has used a public restroom knows that skirts mean women and trousers mean men, so what if it were just that simple? 

Of course getting in and fitting in are two different things as love at first sight runs headfirst into academic power struggles and a single-minded devotion to women's liberation.

"PRINCESS IDA" will delight fans of the classical and modern alike in a grand production featuring a full orchestra and striking sets with a contemporary twist. 


THE SUDBURY SAVOYARDS, INC. are a community theater organization founded in 1961 in Sudbury, Massachusetts that specializes in the light operas (“operettas”) composed by W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan. We are one of the few theater companies in New England that performs all the works of Gilbert & Sullivan as “Theater on a Grand Scale” – with a large chorus, full orchestra, and full staging, costuming, and lights. These productions feature a chorus open to all who wish to participate, while our leads are selected through competitive auditions. We perform one large scale G&S show a year, in winter. We produce a smaller-scale, usually non-musical comedy or light drama in the summer, and occasionally produce concerts and smaller outreach events. Charity had always been an important element in our program of work; THE SAVOYARDS have donated more than a quarter million dollars to world hunger relief over the past three decades. Although as a non-profit arts organization, our direct donations are limited, we continue to work to find ways to support relief of hunger though collaborations.  As a registered 501(c)(3) organization, donations and gifts to THE SAVOYARDS are applicable as charitable deductions for tax purposes. .

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