"Murder in Green Meadows" - by Douglas Post - Pasture Prime Players (Charlton, MA.)

Pasture Prime Players

Presents Douglas Post's


Written by Douglas Post

Directed by Marty BlackEagle

Producer Don Konopacki

Cast Includes: Sean Gardell, Cherry Lynn Zinger, Mathew Sedlier and Dawn Sedlier. 


April 19, 2024 through April 28, 2024

(Contact Box Office for Exact Times)

Performances to be held at PASTURE PRIME PLAYERS, 4 Dresser Hill Road, Charlton, MA. 


Tickets are $18 per adult, $15 per senior or child. Reservations may be made by calling # 508-248-5448. 


Contact Venue for Most Updated COVID-19 Safety Protocols and Information  


Thomas Devereaux, a successful architect and local contractor, and his beautiful wife, Joan, have just moved into their dream house in the quiet suburban town of GREEN MEADOWS when they are visited by their new neighbors, Carolyn and Jeff Symons, and a friendship develops quickly between the two couples. 

But underneath the cool, middle-American exterior, something is truly rotten. 

A previous sexual relationship between Joan and a teenage lawn-boy is revealed, as is the fact that Thomas learned of the infidelity and may have murdered his wife’s lover. 

To make matters worse, an affair has begun to develop between Joan and Jeff Symons. 

One summer evening, following the Symons departure after a friendly game of cards, Thomas lets Joan know that he is aware of this new deception, and his violent, possessive nature surfaces. 

He makes two demands of his wife: One, she must stop seeing Jeff. Two, she must kill him. 

What follows is a diabolical plot that continues to thicken through the final showdown between a murderer and an aggrieved widow. 


PASTURE PRIME PLAYERS INC. is a volunteer regional theater organization based in Charlton, Massachusetts, and made up of a group of people from surrounding towns, who love the theater and the feeling of shared creativity experienced while taking part in a live stage production. It is the intent of the PASTURE PRIME PLAYERS to encourage the development of community theater in Southern Worcester County, to stage live theater performances for residents of the region, and to provide opportunities for everyone, especially amateurs and newcomers, in all aspects of stage production, be it lighting, advertising, set design, acting, music, financial management, design and publishing of programs, or any of the many tasks necessary for the successful production of plays.