"Blackadder (Returns)" - by Ben Elton and Richard Curtis - Cannon Theatre (Devens, MA.)

The Cannon Theatre

Presents Ben Elton and Richard Curtis' 


Written by Ben Elton and Richard Curtis

Directed by Aydan Bahe

Produced by Shawn Cannon

Stage Managing by Deb Boles

Cast Includes: 

"Blackadder" - Jerry McMahon; "Baldrick" - Matt Foster; "Percy/Prince George/George" - Andrew Harrington; "Melchett/Dr. Johnson/General Melchett" - Simon Jensen-Fellows; "Queen/Ms. Miggins" - Meredith Jones; "Nursery/Byron/Robinson" - Maren Caulfield; "Sir Walter/Coleridge/Captain Darling" - Ben Martin; "Redbeard Rum/Sergeant Jones" - Kendra Sweitzer; "Shelley/Tipplewick" - Carolyn Mitchell; "Background/Perkins" - Rachel Cieslik; "Poet/Background/Fraser" - Brian Francis. 


March 22, 2024 through April 7, 2024

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THE CANNON THEATRE28 Andrews Parkway, Devens, MA.


For tickets visit www.thecannontheatre.org


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"BLACKADDER (RETURNS)" is a rolicking romp through British history, finding the funny in every age!   

BLACKADDER and his faithful companion, Baldrick, always seem to get into scrapes as they try to either make money, be famous or just get ahead in their worlds.  

AND it always fails.  

Or does it?   

Hilarious antics always ensue, as this duo have you laughing out loud time and again!   

Created for Rowan Atkinson in the 80's, this show is a must for all that love British humor!

Combining "BLACKADDER" episodes, "Potato," "Ink and Incapability" and "Corporal Punishment" from the amazing series, this hilarious show is fast paced and frenetic! 


THE CANNON THEATRE was founded by Shawn Cannon and Bret Bahe, who shared a dream of creating a community theater – a place for learning, and great plays, a place where people could enjoy the company of others, laugh, and just lose themselves in the joy of artistic expression. Over the years, the theater incorporated, and then became a non-profit organization, managed so that every precious cent made from each production is carefully fed right back into the creation of the next. During the Pandemic of 2020, the theater was forced to close, as their overhead was too high, They began searching for a new space during 2021, and found it in the late summer of 2021.  

THE CANNON THEATRE board, which still includes the theater’s very active and passionate founders, invites you to join us and experience this welcoming community, whether as an audience member, an actor, backstage crew, or even director. We guarantee you will leave feeling satisfied!


28 Andrews Parkway  

Devens, MA