"A Shot in the Dark" - by Marcel Achard, Harry Kurnitz - New Players Theatre Guild (Fitchburg, MA.)

New Players Theatre Guild 



A Comedy in Three Acts

Written by Marcel Achard ("L'Idiote"), Adapted by Harry Kurnitz 

Directed by Bob Healy

Cast Includes: Paul - David Vaillette; Morestan - Charles Amaral; Lablache - Joel Priest; Antounette - Jennifer Knight; Josefa - Hadley Crane; Dominique - Chelsey Patriss; Benjamin - Bruce Lucier.

All performances are at the New Players Theatre Guild Center for the Performing Arts, 15 Rollstone Street, Fitchburg, MA.

Performance Dates: 

March 3, 4, 10 & 11, 2023 at 7:30pm 

March 5 & 12, 2023 at 2:00pm 


Phone # 978-345-6570  


On Broadway, Julie Harris played the good hearted and guileless child of nature who is hauled before the magistrate on a charge of murder, having been found unconscious, nude, and clutching a gun, with her lover dead beside her. 

What is most shocking to the magistrate is the complete frankness with which she describes her life as a parlor maid and her affairs with both the dead chauffeur and her aristocratic employer. 

She is so ingenious that the magistrate, at the risk of his juridical neck, decides that she could not have committed the murder. 

The investigation expands to include both the aristocratic employer, who cannot answer yes or no in less than a paragraph and whose own polysyllables make him yawn, and his wife who descended in direct line from Attilla the Hun and looks it. 

She has been having an affair with her husband's best friend. 

The magistrate finds the right culprit and the open hearted little parlor maid offers herself to him as a present.


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New Players Theatre Guild

15 Rollstone Street 

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