"Macbeth" by William Shakespeare - The Hanover Theatre THT Rep (Worcester, MA.) - REVIEW

(Cover Photo: Members of the CAST of "MACBETH" in Worcester, MA. until October 15, 2022. Photo courtesy Hanover Theatre website)

By Kevin T. Baldwin

METRMAG Reviewer

# 774-242-6724  

“When our actions do not, our fears do make us traitors.”

- William Shakespeare

The Hanover Theatre THT Rep



Written by William Shakespeare

Directed by Livy Scanlon

Associate Director - Dr. Kathryn Moncrief

Fight Choreographer - Robert St. Laurence

Additional Creative Team:

Valerie Zolezzi-Wyndham - Promoting Good/DEIB Counselor; Brian Kelly - Directing Observer; Jessica Beyer - Costumer Designer; Christi Dionis - Make-up Designer;
Perri Sylvester - Wardrobe Supervisor; Brenda Shepard - Lighting Designer + Head Electrician;
Sarah MacIntyre - Properties Coordinator; Lisa Hackman - Production Manager; Jane Siebels*  Production Stage Manager; Samantha Knox* - Assistant Stage Manager

Cast Includes:
Cristiano Lourenço, Jr. - First Witch
Anna MacInnis - Second Witch, U/S Lady Macbeth
Karen Richards** - Third Witch, U/S Lady Macduff
Dale Place* - Duncan
Prreeti Tiwari* - Lennox
Robert St. Laurence* - Malcolm, U/S Murderer
Yahya Jingo** - Captain
Joe Penczak* - Ross, U/S Macbeth, Duncan, Macduff
Robert Isaacson - Banquo
Alexander Platt* - Macbeth
Meri Stypinski* - Lady Macbeth
Amie Lytle - Gentlewoman
Hunter Shook - Fleance
Tokunbo Joshua Olumide - Macduff
Cameron Ward** - Seyton, U/S Malcolm
Matthew Johnson** - Murderer, U/S Ross
Nick Baker** - Servant, U/S Witches, Captain, Doctor
MarHadoo Effeh - Lady Macduff
Kyle Hargrove** - Doctor

*Member, Actors’ Equity Association
** Student, Worc At Play


September 29, 2022 at 7:30pm 

September 30 & October 1, 2022 at 8:00pm 

October 1, 2022 at 2:00pm 


October 2 & October 15, 2022 at 2:00pm 

October 5 & 13, 2022 at 7:30pm 

October 7, 8, 14 & 15, 2022 at 8:00pm

Presented at the BrickBox Theater at the Jean McDonough Arts Center, 20 Franklin Street, Worcester, MA. 01608

For Tickets:


Phone # 508-413-JMAC/877-571-SHOW (Box Office)

Email: boxoffice@jmacworcester.org 

This production of Macbeth was originally developed with The Hanover Theatre Conservatory Youth Acting Company. Special thanks to the cast and creative team of that production, including Meghan Montaner, Erin Kearney, Amanda Lattanzi, Jacob DiLauro, Perri Sylvester, Robert St. Laurence, Brenda Shepard and Jess Beyer. 

(Photo: From left to right Tokunbo Joshua Olumide, Alexander Platt and Meri Stypinski in "MACBETH" at the BrickBox Theater at the Jean McDonough Arts Center in Worcester, MA. until October 15, 2022. Photo courtesy of the Hanover Theatre website)

Ancient Scotland comes to the BrickBox Theater in Worcester this October in the form of William Shakespeare's "MACBETH" by THT Rep - and this latest adaptation for the stage is a riveting visual spectacle that never disappoints.

"MACBETH" is the iconic Shakespearean play which follows the rise and fall of a power-mad general in 11th century Scotland. 

The play looks at Macbeth (Alexander Platt) and his obsession to rule as King at any cost, leading to (spoiler alert!) his ultimate demise. 

Three Witches (Cristiano Lourenço, Jr. , Anna MacInnis and Karen Richards) foreshadow the events of the play as they meet Macbeth near a battlefield prophesying about his future. 

The collective performance of the Three Witches and that of the entire ensemble is relentlessly entertaining. 

King Duncan of Scotland (Dale Place) praises Macbeth and Banquo (Robert Isaacson) for recent victories assigning the title of "Thane of Cawdor" to Macbeth

Little does Duncan suspect that this move will eventually lead to his own murder as this was the first of the Witches' prophecies and now Macbeth subsequently plots his next move.

Lady Macbeth (Meri Stypinski), Macbeth's wife, learns of the Witches and their prophecies and maneuvers Macbeth into killing Duncan - even going so far as to put forth most of the necessary arrangements. 

This mad co-dependency between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth yields nothing but mayhem. Actors Platt and Stypinski have a strong connection on stage which lends itself well to the material. 

Macbeth finds himself drowning in a whirlpool of turmoil as he becomes increasingly haunted, literally and figuratively, by apparitions - exemplifying the internal horror he feels by his own actions.

Macbeth cannot stop himself, though. He begins a reign filled with deeply disturbed paranoid delusions, multiple murders and an ongoing torment that weighs heavy on the crown, ultimately proving that absolute power corrupts absolute.

(Photo: From left to right Tokunbo Joshua Olumide, Alexander Platt and Meri Stypinski hover over director Livy Scanlon from "MACBETH" at the BrickBox Theater at the Jean McDonough Arts Center in Worcester, MA. until October 15, 2022. Photo by Michael Hendrickson)

As civil war erupts, Lady Macbeth goes mad and a Scottish noble named Macduff (Tokunbo Joshua Olumide) seeks revenge against Macbeth for atrocities committed against his family and his nation.

A tragic hero is a re-occurring element in Shakespeare but can Macbeth really be considered a "hero?"

Neither Macbeth nor Lady Macbeth are sympathetic characters as they are the ones who inflict pain and suffering on nearly every person that crosses their mutual path.

THT Rep’s Artistic Director, Livy Scanlon, staged "MACBETH" to be compelling from the outset resulting in not one wasted moment of time during the show's two hour run. 

There is also no wasted space in the blocking as the entire BrickBox Theater space is used to full advantage with exemplary results. The set was kept minimalist which helped in scene transitions.

Fight Choreographer Robert St. Laurence has provided the show with numerous exciting action sequences which are well executed by the cast.

The post-modern avant-garde costuming choices were a bit disarming as the theme seemed to vary from a little bit of "Steampunk" influence to clothing reminiscent of Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation" to a smidgen of "Scottish bondage clothing store clearance sale."

All that said, and for some strange reason...the above choices totally worked for this production.

The opening of the THT Rep at the BrickBox Theater was impacted by the pandemic but they seem to be fast making up for any lost time with ongoing high caliber productions. 

While not prophesying, "MACBETH" might very well be a perfect foreshadowing of quality productions Worcester can hopefully look forward to in the foreseeable future. Only the Three Witches might know for sure.

Approximately two hours with one intermission.  

Kevin T. Baldwin is a member of the American Theatre Critics Association (ATCA)  




Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

A celebrated military general, Macbeth encounters a trio of witches who foretell his destiny to rule Scotland. Consumed with ambition and spurred to action by his wife, Macbeth assassinates King Duncan, only to be wracked with guilt and paranoia. 

To protect his rise to power and deflect suspicion, Macbeth commits more murders, quickly transforming into a treacherous tyrant. 

Civil war erupts, Lady Macbeth descends into madness and a Scottish noble named Macduff vows to avenge his nation torn asunder.


Fair is foul in this fast-paced take on Shakespeare’s iconic tragedy. Cut to a swift 90 minutes and helmed by THT Rep’s Artistic Director, Livy Scanlon, the action comes to life through a large cast and inventive staging with post-apocalyptic vibes. Join us for a sleek, bleak rendition of Macbeth’s bloody rise to power and calamitous demise! 


The arts play a vital role in helping individuals of all ages develop self-esteem, compassion and problem solving skills. Students who study or participate in the arts have proven academic success. They find their voice and discover new avenues for creative expression. It is our goal to maximize a student’s social and emotional development while introducing them to theatre, dance, music and design. In addition, access to state-of-the-art equipment and hands-on training with industry professionals in our world-class venue allows students to gain real-world experience in the performing arts field. 


With its industrial aesthetic and intimate seating, the BrickBox Theater at the Jean McDonough Arts Center is perfect for fresh, sophisticated stagings of classic works.

THE REP at the BrickBox Theater 

Jean McDonough Arts Center

20 Franklin Street

Worcester, MA. 01608

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