Disney's "Frozen" - Lee, Lopez & Anderson-Lopez - North Shore Music Theatre (Beverly, MA.) - REVIEW

(Cover Photo: Alyssa Fox as “Elsa” in a moment from the Disney musical, "FROZEN" by Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez and Jennifer Leenow playing at Bill Hanney's North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly, MA. through July 21, 2024Photo Credit David Costa Photography) 

By Kevin T. Baldwin

METRMAG Reviewer

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“Some people are worth melting for!”

                  ("Olaf") / Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez & Jennifer Lee 

North Shore Music Theatre

Presents the Disney Musical


Music & Lyrics by Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez

Book by Jennifer Lee

Based on “Frozen” by by Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee & Shane Morris

Direction and Choreography by Kevin P. Hill

Music Direction by Milton Granger

Cast Includes: Hailey Hyde* as “Queen Iduna,”  Nick Davis* as “King Agnarr,” Alaina Mills* as “Head Handmaiden,” Jordan Wesley Brown* as “Pabbie,” Niani Feelings* as “Bulda,” Michael Schimmele* as “Bishop,” Celeste Rose* as “Anna,” Alyssa Fox* as “Elsa,” Courter Simmons* as “Weselton,” Harris Milgrim* as “Hans,” Julio Rey* as “Kristoff,” Christopher Palmieri as “Sven,” Elliott Mattox* as “Olaf,” Michael Schimmele* as “Oaken,” Helen M. Brady as “Young Anna” (July 10 (2pm), 11, 13 (8pm), 14, 16, 17 (7:30pm), 18 (2pm), 19, 20 (8pm), 24 (2pm), 27 (7:30pm), 28) Livia Quist as “Young Anna” (July 9, 10 (7:30pm), 12, 13 (2pm), 17 (2pm), 18 (7:30pm), 20 (2pm), 21, 23, 24 (7:30pm), 25, 27 (2pm)) Lola Rhoads as “Young Elsa” (July 9, 10 (7:30pm), 12, 13 (2pm), 17 (2pm), 18 (7:30pm), 20 (2pm), 21, 23, 24 (7:30pm), 25, 27 (2pm)) Penelope Rhoads as “Young Elsa” (July 10 (2pm), 11, 13 (8pm), 14, 16, 17 (7:30pm),18 (2pm), 19, 20 (8pm), 24 (2pm), 27 (7:30pm), 28) Ensemble: Ryan Behan, Mia Bergstrom, Daniel Brackett*, Jordan Wesley Brown*, Nick Davis*, Briana Fallon*, Niani Feelings*, Jack Gimpel, Hailey Hyde*, Dakota Hoar, Esther Lee, Alaina Mills*, Emiliano Morales, Hayden Rivas, Kiana Rodriguez, Maria Scherer, Michael Schimmele*, Caroline Siegrist Understudy For: Elsa - Hailey Hyde*; Hans - Jordan Wesley Brown* Study Cover For: Queen Iduna - Caroline Siegrist; King Agnarr - Hayden Rivas; Pabbie - Emiliano Morales; Bulda - Kiana Rodriguez; Anna - Mia Bergstrom; Lord Weselton & Olaf - Ryan Behan; Kristoff - Daniel Brackett; Sven - Dakota Hoar; Oaken - Jack Gimpel Swings: David Aranjo Ellen Roberts

Additional Creative Team: 

Scenic Design - Kyle Dixion; Costume Design - Travis M. Grant; Lighting Design - Dan Efros; Sound Design - James Cannon; Hair and Wig Design - Rachel Padula-Shufelt; Projection Design - Pamela Hersch; Puppet Design - Christopher Palmieri; Costume Coordination - Kelly Baker; Original Broadway Orchestration - Dave Metzger; Original Broadway Music Supervision and Arrangements - Stephen Oremus; Additional Broadway Dance Arrangements - David Chase; General Manager - Karen Nascembeni; Associate Producer and Casting Director - Matthew Chappell; Company Management - Amanda Ostrow-Mason; Assistant Stage Managers - Dakotah Wiley Horan and Maria Papadopoulos;  Production Stage Manager - Elizabeth Yvette Ramirez; Associate Director - Alaina Mills

*Appears through the courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States


July 9, 2024 through July 21, 2024

(Contact Box Office for Exact Times) 


For tickets and information visit www.nsmt.org, call # 978-232-7200, or visit the North Shore Music Theatre box office in person at 54 Dunham Rd., Beverly, MA.


Contact Venue for Most Updated COVID-19 Safety Protocols and Information.

This summer, Bill Hanney's North Shore Music Theatre (NSMT) is absolutely on fire with their New England Regional Premiere of the Disney musical "FROZEN."

Without question, this spectacular NSMT production is fun for the entire family and absolutely dazzles from the moment it begins. 

While based on the Walt Disney Animation Studios' 2013 animated motion picture, it is not mandatory to have ever seen the film "FROZEN" in order to enjoy this meticulously staged musical adaptation (but it couldn’t hurt, either). 

Director and choreographer Kevin P. Hill has thrown everything into the mix here for this inventive, in-the-round staging and it is, in a word, brilliant. 

The principals and ensemble are equally superb and collectively render a simply flawless show, supported by Music Director Milton Granger and the NSMT orchestra. 

Costumes are breathtaking and completely in tune with each specific character. 

Puppetry is also an integral part of the show in the forms of sociable snowman Olaf (performed in full-body costume, managed and voiced by Elliott Mattox) and raucous reindeer Sven (performed in full-body costume, managed and voiced by Christopher Palmieri). 

Specialized lighting and effects are enhanced even further with six impressive high tech projection screens circling the stage. 

Yet these screens are no merely for displaying backgrounds – they are used quite creatively at nearly every critical point in the story. 

"FROZEN" has music and lyrics by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, with its book by Jennifer Lee

After tryouts in Denver, Colorado in 2017, "FROZEN" debuted on Broadway in 2018

However, by March, 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic ultimately ended the show after 26 previews and 825 regular performances

Post-pandemic, though, it has seen a resurgence in popularity, performing around the world and now staged beautifully at NSMT

(Photo: Alyssa Fox as "Elsa" with Celeste Rose as "Anna" in a moment from the Disney musical, "FROZEN," now playing at Bill Hanney's North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly, MA. through July 21, 2024Photo Credit David Costa Photography)

The story centers on the relationship between two sisters who are princesses, the strong, level-headed Elsa (Alyssa Fox) who is destined to become Queen of Arendelle and the younger, more naïve but stoical Anna (Celeste Rose). 

The two actors are equally convincing in their respective sisterly portrayals – with Rose steadfast in her determination to reunite with her estranged Elsa, not realizing the reasons for Elsa’s self-imposed isolation. 

Fox is a vocal powerhouse, masterfully rendering the show’s monumental signature number, “Let It Go!” 

Augmenting the above number, the applied NSMT technology beautifully utilizes specialized lighting effects for Elsa's magic along the multiple screens and along the entirety of the stage. 

The song comes with high expectations from fans of either the movie or the original Broadway production. 

Not one person should walk away disappointed with the staging of the first act closer, “Let It Go!” It won't leave anyone "cold."

Director Hill and the respective NSMT creative teams involved have outdone themselves, truly elevating the number to feel like the audience is in the midst of a festival of lights. 

Other effects also combine to provide numerous jaw-dropping moments. 

(Photo: Celeste Rose as "Anna" with the CAST of the Disney musical, "FROZEN" by Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez and Jennifer Leenow playing at Bill Hanney's North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly, MA. through July 21, 2024Photo Credit Paul Lyden)

As we meet the sisters first as children, Young Elsa (alternating performances between Lola Rhoads and Penelope Rhoads) has magical powers to freeze objects and people, which she does not know how to control and accidentally injures Young Anna (alternating performances between Helen M. Brady and Livia Quist). 

At the July 10th performance, both Brady and Penelope Rhoads were exemplary in their portrayals of the young siblings who become estranged for Anna’s safety. 

Musical highlights for the above duo are the heartwarming songs, “A Little Bit of You” and a show staple, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” 

(Photo: Penelope Rhoads as "Young Elsa" with Helen M. Brady as "Young Anna" in a scene from the Disney musical, "FROZEN," now playing at Bill Hanney's North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly, MA. through July 21, 2024Photo Credit David Costa Photography)

After tragedy befalls their parents (played by Hailey Hyde and Nick Davis), upon adulthood, Elsa inherits the throne to serve as Queen of Arendelle. 

Elsa is thrown a coronation ball in which many dignitaries appear, including Prince Hans (Harris Milgrim) who immediately sets his sights on Anna. 

Milgrom and Rose appear to have a fabulously fun time playing off one another in the playful musical number “Love Is an Open Door. 

Anna falls for Hans instantly, much to the annoyance of ice peddler Kristoff (Julio Rey) who is aided by the aforementioned ornery reindeer, Sven. 

Rey is perfectly in tune with his Kristoff character and, during the show’s second act, is able to show off his fine vocal prowess with the tender number, “Kristoff Lullaby. 

After an unfortunate incident at the ball exposing her wintery powers, Elsa is forced to flee, inadvertently causing the kingdom to become frozen in an eternal winter. 

(Photo: Harris Milgrim as "Prince Hans" with Celeste Rose as "Anna" in the Disney musical, "FROZEN," now playing at Bill Hanney's North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly, MA. through July 21, 2024Photo Credit David Costa Photography)

As mentioned, the NSMT ensemble is strong and also are required to move at breakneck speed with the number of costume changes involved in "FROZEN." 

Kudos to the entire creative costuming team for the sheer volume of costumes which required a certain “ease of access” for the cast's costume changes given the musical’s rapid pace. 

Both Elliott Mattox as Olaf and Palmieri as Sven bring forth a marvelous charm and joviality to each of these lovable characters. Mattox has a musical high point with the song, "In Summer."

(Photo: Alyssa Fox as “Elsa” performing a certain iconic musical number from the Disney musical, "FROZEN," now playing at Bill Hanney's North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly, MA. through July 21, 2024Photo Credit David Costa Photography) 

Throughout much of the relatively straightforward story, Elsa continues to try and stay far away and isolated expecting that, by sacrificing her own needs to show how much she loves her sister and the kingdom of Arendelle, she will save all from great harm. 

What she does not anticipate, however, is that, by setting these events in motion, these two sisters will not only discover the strengths they each have within themselves, but also the strength of the bond they carry between them.

"FROZEN" continues at Bill Hanney's North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly, MA. until July 21, 2024.

Coming up next at Bill Hanney's North Shore Music Theatre: "TOOTSIE THE MUSICAL" by Robert Horn and David Yazbek beginning August 13th.

For tickets and information visit www.nsmt.org, call (978) 232-7200, or visit the North Shore Music Theatre box office in person at 54 Dunham Rd., Beverly, MA.

Approximately two hours, 20 minutes with one intermission. 

Kevin T. Baldwin is a member of the American Theatre Critics Association (ATCA)




This summer, get ready for the New England Regional Premiere of Disney's "FROZEN!"

The Broadway musical based on the smash hit 2013 Academy Award-winning animated film follows Princess Anna on her journey to save the kingdom of Arendalle from the snow powers of Queen Elsa, her sister. 

This thrilling spectacle has won the hearts of audiences of all ages around the world with the songs you know and love including “Let It Go” and “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” and many new songs.  

Disney’s"FROZEN" will feature unforgettable characters, newly re-imagined staging & production numbers, along with original sets and costumes being designed and created just for North Shore Music Theatre audiences. 

This is an immersive production of Disney's "FROZEN" like you've never experienced before!


Since opening in 1955, NORTH SHORE MUSIC THEATRE (NSMT) has become one of the most attended theatres in New England, with approximately 250,000 patrons annually. With a national and regional reputation for artistic achievement, NSMT has received numerous industry awards including Elliot Norton Awards, IRNE Awards, the Rosetta Le Noire Award from Actors' Equity, and the Moss Hart Award. NSMT produced the World Premiere of "Memphis" in 2003, the show went on to win four 2010 Tony Awards including Best Musical. Under the new ownership of Bill Hanney since 2010, NSMT continues to annually produce a musical subscription series and an annual production of "A Christmas Carol" along with celebrity concerts, children's programming and year-round education classes for children and adults. 


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