24 Mar
"Taking the Long View" - by Molissa Fenley and Pat Catterson - The Dance Complex (Cambridge, MA.)

The Dance Complex



2022/23 DIY Performance Series

DIY Performance Series, Special Events

Molissa Fenley and Company, Nine Lives Dance, with Pat Catterson share the stage to present an evening of recent work.

Performance Dates:

April 15, 2023 at 8:00pm

April 16, 2023 at 7:00pm

Julie Ince Thompson Theatre, Studio 1 , 536 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA, 02139



Molissa Fenley and Pat Catterson share the stage to present an evening of recent work.

Molissa Fenley presents three dances: 

"Cosmati Variations, Variation 5," music by John Cage, "Third Construction (11 minutes)." 

"I began choreographing Cosmati Variations while a fellow at the American Academy in Rome in 2008, added other variations other the years, and just completed the series in May 2022."

The 12th century Cosmatesque mosaic floors existent in many of the cathedrals and churches of Rome are of a non-iconographic design, breaking from the preceding Byzantine tradition and influences. 

The design of squares, parallelograms and circles of dark marble are often contained by ribbons of mosaic composed of lighter colored glass. 

The serpentine patterning creates a sense of beauty and inspires movement material structured within a time frame; a system of patterns made. 

"Lava Field," music by John Bischoff, "Piano 7hz (14 minutes)." 

The great lava fields of Hawaii expand across the landscape. 

"The Night Marchers," Huaka’I po in the Hawaiian language, are frequently seen, especially on nights when the moon is full. 

On the nights of Kane, Lono, Akua, and Ku, the "Night Marchers" proceed in a single file, venturing forth from their burial mounds at sunset to march in proud unison to revisit sacred sites or the locations of past battles, returning to their graves the following sunrise. 

"Current Piece," music by Vijay Iyer, "Crown Thy Good (6 minutes)," commissioned and performed by Min Kwon as part of her "America/Beautiful Project" – "Premiere" Performed by Christiana Axelsen, Molissa Fenley, Timothy Ward.

In her half of this program, Pat Catterson will premiere her 116th work, "Tremor." 

"Tremor" is concerned with our vulnerability in those moments of high alert when we realize something is not right, when we realize all could collapse or explode or disappear, when what happens next is uncertain. 

Just a small “tremor” might be the sign.

Do we surrender, flee, despair, persist, withdraw, rebel? 

Dancing this new work will be Alexandra Berger, Louisa Pancoast, Maia Ramnath, Sarah Sliver Swift, Joshua Tuason and Timothy Ward, with sound score composed by Quentin Chiappetta and lighting design by Matthew Breton.   

Kevin T. Baldwin is a member of the American Theatre Critics Association (ATCA)




The Dance Complex is a 25+ year old central hub of dance- locally, with connections to the New England region and in dialogue with the inter/national dance field. All are able to find a variety of movement and dance classes to take their next step. Those who dance, teach and create within our studios receive valued space in a supportive environment for affordable rental rates. Local artists perform alongside national guest artists in two theatre spaces. The Dance Complex is sustained by a staff comprised of professional artists and arts administrators, resident companies and artists, renowned teaching artists, a working board of directors and a corps of volunteers. 


536 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MA, 02139