"The Man Who Came to Dinner" - by Moss Hart, George S. Kaufman - Easthampton Theater Company (Easthampton, MA.) - AUDITIONS

Easthampton Theater Company 

Will Hold AUDITIONS for the Iconic Comedy  


Written by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman

Directed by Eva Husson-Stockhamer

Produced by Michael O. Budnick

Audition Information: The Man Who Came to Dinner

EASTHAMPTON THEATER COMPANY (ETC) is holding open auditions for the uproariously funny Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman play "THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER." 

This perennial classic farce features a large, multi-age cast of two dozen actors with a nice mix of principal, supporting and character roles available. 

All roles are open; no roles are pre-cast. Note: ETC is a not-for-profit community theater and all stage roles are uncompensated.

Audition Location: St. Philips Church, Easthampton, MA

Auditions dates: 

February 7 & 8, 2024 6:00pm 

By Appointment Only

Callbacks: February 15, 2024

Audition Preparation: Please prepare a contemporary monolog of up to 2 minutes that highlights your acting range. Ideally the monolog should contain both dramatic and comedic elements. 

ETC  does not require you to memorize the monolog, but actors often make their best impression if they do not have their eyes on a script. 

If you are called back, sides from the script will be provided.


Please complete the audition form online at https://forms.gle/VcpvdEjF1sdaWFaa8...and and sign up for an audition time at https://signupgenius.com/go/10C0949ABAD28A1FAC16-47185107-etcs

Rehearsals start in early April and will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings in Easthampton, with a read-through and some individual character work possible in March, Not all actors will be called for all rehearsals. 

Tech week begins the weekend before opening night and is mandatory as are all performance dates.

EASTHAMPTON THEATER COMPANY also needs offstage volunteers! No community-based theater exists without the much-appreciated work of theater lovers who are willing to provide their time and expertise. If you are interested in any aspect of theater production for this or future productions such as tech, set design or building, ushering, marketing or board membership and you have time and skills to offer, please contact us at info@easthamptontheater.com


All ages are playing ages. Where gender identity is specified, actors must be able to
convincingly play the role onstage as the gender indicated. We are otherwise open to non-traditional casting with regard to race and gender.

Sheridan Whiteside - Male presenting, acerbic, high-energy and high maintenance radio personality who comes to dominate the Stanley household. He says and does whatever he wants regardless of the consequences. Despite his bombastic demeanor, he does have his charms---keeping us all wondering what he will do next. Will require strong articulation, the ability to memorize large amounts of text, and excellent comedic timing. Whiteside is in a wheelchair for most of the play due to an injury. Playing 40s, 50s

Maggie Cutler - Female presenting, efficient, smart assistant to Sheridan. She’s all business and has no time for Sheridan’s narcissistic nonsense. She dispatches the details of his life with military efficiency and has developed a playful working relationship with Sheridan---making him seem more human. She’s restless though---eager for a little romance and to be out from under Sheridan’s shadow. When needed, she can defend herself and those she cares about. She falls in love with Bert Jefferson, a local newspaper man. Will need excellent comedic timing and a strong stage presence. Playing 30s, 40s.

Lorraine Sheldon - Female presenting, beautiful, over-the-top stage actress who will do anything for a part. She’s convinced she’s right for every role and every man, and she will travel
the world to land a part...or the man of her dreams. Requires a big personality and some physical comedy. 30s, 40s.

Bert Jefferson - Male presenting, earnest, ambitious local newspaper man and reporter, who is eager to interview Sheridan. He is warm and charming and clearly bright. But he’s no match for the schemes of Sheridan and Lorraine. He’s much better suited for the loyal and hard-working Maggie. Playing late 20s, 30s, or early 40s.

Mrs. Stanley - Female presenting, traditional, socially-ambitious, upper-class housewife of late1930s. At first, she is delighted to have Sheridan to dinner at her house, but as his rule of terror unfolds, she finds herself juggling an impatient husband, children eager to pursue their dreams, and a penguin or two. Playing 50s

Mr. Stanley - Male presenting, the foil to Sheridan. Mr. Stanley is a conservative, proper businessman and father. He is used to order in his upscale, Ohio home. He tolerates Sheridan’s chaos at first to appease his wife, but his patience wears thin. Playing 50s.

Richard Stanley - Male presenting, son of the Stanleys. He’s earnest, hard-working, and well-intentioned. He respects his parents, but finds himself ready to set out on his own and pursue
his dream of becoming a photographer. At first intimidated by Sheridan, he grows to admire Sheridan’s zest for life. Playing late teens or early 20s.

June Stanley - Female presenting, spirited and charming daughter of the Stanley’s. She, like her brother, loves her parents, but is ready to be set free. She has a secret romance with Sandy, a man who does not meet the approval of her father. Playing late teens or early 20s.

Harriet Stanley - Female presenting, the elusive and mysterious sister of Mr. Stanley, who is "not quite of this world.” She seems to appear from nowhere and has an odd and elusive connection to Sheridan. Playing 50s. 60s.

Miss Preen - Female presenting, no nonsense nurse, whose face tells it all. Her deadpan delivery and matter-of-fact manner contrast sharply to Sheridan’s verbal calisthenics. She takes it for just so long, and then.... Strong comedic and sarcasm skills needed. Lots of physical comedy. Playing age: flexible.

Beverly Carlton - Confident, British actor, who dominates a room when he enters. He has a rich voice and is able to sing and possibly play piano. He sees what Sheridan and Lorraine are up to and is ready to make mischief of his own when the occasion calls. Actor must be able to perform an upper-class British accent. The character is loosely based on Noel Coward. Playing40s, 50s, or 60s.

Banjo - Male Presenting, the act three dynamo who bursts onto the scene. He’s a long-time friend of Sheridan. He’s an energetic, funny, crazy actor---up for anything. He decides to leave the whirlwind of Hollywood to spend Christmas with Sheridan. Loosely based on the Marx Brothers. Playing 30s, 40s, 50s.

Prof. Metz - Any gender, the world’s greatest authority on insect life. Crazy hair and the mad scientist demeanor radiate from this academic character. Playing 50s, 60s.

Dr. Bradley - Male presenting, the benign, somewhat daft doctor, who gets a little confused by the details of medicine. He is desperate to have his memoirs published. 50s, 60s.

John - Male presenting, the head butler of the Stanley household. He runs a tight ship, but early on develops an affinity for Sheridan’s chaotic and colorful life. Age: flexible.

Sarah - Female presenting, the chef of the house. She’s exacting and diligent, eager to please. She’s quite taken by Sheridan, especially when he praises her soufflé and then offers her the chance to work for him in New York. Age: flexible

Sandy - Male presenting, boyfriend of June, working-class union leader who is trying organize the men in Mr. Stanley’s plant. He loves June but has disdain for Mr. Stanley and his conservative politics. Playing age: 20s, early 30s.


There are a number of opportunities for supporting character roles, many of which will may be doubled, including: 

Mrs. McCutcheon - Female presenting, the nosey neighbor who is out of her mind that “the ”Sheridan Whiteside has arrived in town. She’s a little pushy and all too eager to mix with the rich and famous. 40s, 50s, 60s.

Mrs. Dexter - Female presenting, Mrs. McCutcheon’s friend and sidekick, who is also eager to meet and share her small-town hospitality with the Ohio’s most famous guest. 40s, 50s, 60s.

Westcott - Radio Producer: has one task: deliver the Christmas broadcast of his lifetime, despite chaos erupting around them.

Baker - Lead guard of the prison convicts

Delivery Person, Express Person - Oblivious to the chaos they are entering; after all, there’s a job to be done.

Deputy - The law and order person of this small Ohio town; paid on the side for making sure Mr. Stanley’s wishes are met.

Convicts, Choir Members, Plain-Clothes Person, Luncheon Guests


June 20 & June 22, 2024 at 7:30pm 

June 23, 2024 at 2:00pm

Performances to be held in the Easthampton High School Auditorium, 70 Williston Avenue, Easthampton, MA. 01027 


Tickets can be purchased online at easthamptontheater.com or at the door.  

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Easthampton Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.


Contact Venue for Most Updated COVID-19 Safety Protocols and Information.


Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman’s "THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER" is a brilliantly witty madcap play, which manages to combine the sophistication of great comedic literature, the frenetic energy of the silliest farce, and a genuinely sweet heart into one of the most beloved comedies of the American theatre. 

Filled with fascinating character roles and winking homage to the intellectual and popular culture of the 1930s, this play is both a great period piece and a timeless classic. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Stanley are thrilled when Sheridan Whiteside, a brilliant, witty, and widely beloved radio celebrity, accepts their invitation to dinner on his tour through their little town of Mesalia, Ohio

However, when Whiteside injures himself by slipping on a piece of ice on their doorstep, and is confined to their home for the better part of December, the Stanleys are not so pleased with the change in their household. 

Brilliant, witty, and highly beloved he may be, but Whiteside has the behavior of a mischievous, sarcastic, entitled princeling, and he does not suffer fools. 

Demanding control of the entire household -- on top of the $150,000 for which he is suing Mr. Stanley -- in recompense for his injury, Whiteside commandeers the telephone, fills the library with penguins and cockroaches, and invites a band of paroled convicts over for lunch. 

For his part, Whiteside finds his small-town confinement to be incredibly irritating, and is bewildered and annoyed by his encounters with persistent Dr. Bradley, who has written a book, and Mr. Stanley’s spooky sister Harriet, who bestows a holly branch on him as a token of regard. 

Bert Jefferson, a personable young reporter with ambitions to be a playwright, seems to be the only local worthy of respect but, when Whiteside’s secretary Maggie Cutler, upon whom he relies for her sharp intelligence and endless patience, falls in love with Bert and declares that she will leave her job to marry him, Whiteside descends into a panic. 

He calls on glamorous vamp Lorraine Sheldon, an actress with quite an offstage reputation, to lure Bert away from Maggie, under the guise of pursuing his brilliant play.  (STAGEAGENT)


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